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Cetacea Harnesses

At cetacea, we understand that having our pet in one piece is key to a healthy environment. That's why we use the latest in deluxe nylon for our harnesses - which are adjustable to fit any dog, regardless of size or weight. Not only is this product perfect for walking our dogs, but it's also comfortable and ready for walks early morning or late night.

Step-In Pet / Dog Harness - Large 22 - 33" - Assorted colors
Cetacea Tag-It Pet ID Holder, Red

Best Cetacea Harnesses Comparison

This is a step-in pet harness. It is made of durable plastic and is brown in color. It is perfect for use when walking your pet out to the car.
this cetacea harnesses is for small to large dog! It is a step-in pet harness that goes over the dog's chest and helps keep the dog's body heat getting to the dog's skin.
this cetacea harnesses is for our small 14 - 22 year old dog. It is assorted colors and is from the step-in pet department. It is made of sturdy plastic and has a soft, water repellent fabric lining to keep your dog safe. It is perfect for when you need to step up to the next level and need a pet that is able to take over from the inside.